Virtual reality for your business

Business presentations, sales, training, collaboration and support in VR and 3D 

  • On all devices – desktop, mobile and VR head-set

  • Collaboration and voice communication in VR

  • No installation required


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Virtual reality in a web browser

  • VR Plato is unique in its accessibility and flexibility.
  • It uses only a web-based environment so you can run content on any device without installing another app. 
  • If your product can be photographed or a 3D model taken, it can also be displayed in VR Plato.

Tell us your idea and we’ll help you create your brand new reality!

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VR Plato – possibilities beyond limits

  • personal guided virtual sales and product presentations 
  • virtual product catalogue or showroom
  • presentation of architectural designs
  • staff training
  • documentary and immersive materials
  • knowledge base
  • training and skills training

Don’t limit yourself to reality. Change it! 

Virtual reality represents a new era of business communication and interaction. Tap into its potential and get a head start!

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Our latest work

CZ LOKO Virtual Depo

Development of a virtual showroom in VR and 3D of the latest industrial locomotive models for business presentation and employee training.

Company CZ LOKO a.s. 2021

Visit CZ LOKO Virtual Depo

How does the collaboration with us work?



Together, we’ll go over the possibilities of using VR Plato according to your needs and business goals. The result is an idea of the entire ecosystem in which the VR platform should operate and the specific outcome it should bring to your business. 




We will create the entire system and content of the VR application tailored to your company – product and environment models, 360° photos and video material.



We’ll embed and connect your new VR app into the environment you’re already using – like an existing website. We will then provide you with a demonstration of the entire user experience.